My Valentine: No romance without finance!

Advertisers are in full swing, maximising the final hours before the red day, the day of love, Valentine’s day! Or ‘Loveville’ as I prefer to euphemise this particular ideology. It’s all spend, spend, spend. On roses, dinner and presents galore. Don’t get me wrong, like any other enthusiast, I don’t really need a reason to have a party however: the speciality of this day is the implied guidelines under which it is dictated; the red, flowers, chocolates. Just because it’s red doesn’t mean that we will get a Value Added Tax (VAT) write off for love. Yes, flowers have a special place in the exempt echelons of agricultural produce but ultimately, are they really free? Chocolates are taxed. Hence, I made my crossover, from the red flower totting, wine sipping, chocolate receiving undergraduate, to the ‘plan before you spend’ tax lawyer to the big spenders.

Cue my title: No romance without finance

Seanice Kacungira of 88.2 Sanyu FM, I love your morning show and paid special attention to the topic about having a relationship on a budget (Taxes notwithstanding). I understand the need for honesty (to the tax collector as well as the boyfriend), however, I do not think it is possible to always:

1.  Live on a budget of romantic walks; what happens when we get thirsty along the way?

2. Cook together most of the time; I’m no Nigella Lawson

3. Watch bootleg DVDs at home; copyright infringement.

I agreed with the caller, I think his name was James (like your co host Fatboy) who encouraged both parties to work harder and have what they both perceived would be a better quality of life.

And to my cousin Brenda Sekabembe, proprietor of the tasty ‘Bake for me’ cakes (you can find her on Facebook), “You were right, what is love in Umeme darkness on Valentine’s day”. To Umeme Ltd, ” Your rates are crippling, there’s nothing left over for romance.”

So, February 14 2013, no romance without finance!


On to Romance with finance; along the lines of Reality television star Kim Kardashian’s present to musician boyfriend Kanye West: A Lamborghini Aventador as below.

And then in came the heavyweights Zari and Ivan Semwanga with the first Lamborghini on the dusty streets of Kampala, in the Christmas holiday season. If this was a Loveville present, it surely was over the top. All I can say is that if you two had unveiled that beauty on February 14th 2013, more than hearts would have been broken.

To all the rest, please remember to plan before you buy.

Love thy neighbour the tax man, be honest in all your dealings, be committed to paying all your tax dues, share all your income, forgive all indiscretions, always wait patiently for the servers to reboot and forget the small things like expired passwords or late notifications. Happy Valentine’s day everyone.


One thought on “My Valentine: No romance without finance!”

  1. any opinions on the taxes paid by second hand vehicles especially those pre-determined. I know of a case where a person had to pay twice the amount of money he bought the vehicle plus freight in taxes!!!!

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