5 thoughts on “Taxation of employee benefits and Pay As You Earn”

  1. I like your articles. I would love to write a research paper with you to see the motivational differences between employees with benefits and those without.

  2. It’s the same way here in the U.S. many of the benefits are counted as income and are subject to taxes. It may be wise to turn some benefits down, under those circumstances. With unemployment so high right now, and so many people competing for so few jobs, I think employers don’t feel the need to offer extra incentives. People will work just because they need that paycheck to survive. Good article.

    1. Here, unemployment is permamently high. Even with what is considered massive growth in the economy, there are never enough jobs to make a dent in the unemployment levels. Most people take what they get and hope for the best. Atleast with a few adjustments in tax planning, a few employers and employees can benefit.

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